Home Automation — Made Easy

  Home automation has become the holy grail for the DIY crowd. But, all too often we can end up bogged down in a minefield of different protocols used to control home devices…for example ZigBee won’t talk to Z-Wave and so on. This kind of conflict usually puts a quick end to DIY Home Automation […]

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MyQ Garage

Control Garage Door From Anywhere

I bet this scene if familiar to many of you. You are just taking your first look at the menu and your spouse/partner asks Did we close the garage door? Your options are limited..worry all night, go back home and check or phone a neighbour. Well if you have an internet connection the Chamberlain MyQ […]

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Sounfbook GO

Solid Portable Speaker From Bayan Audio

For starters Bayan Audio may be a new name for you. It is a three year old British firm that specializes in portable audio. Today we are going to look at Bayan’s latest offering, the very portable Soundbook GO. The Soundbook GO is a solid feeling speaker about the size of a small brick 160mm(7.4″) […]

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Pos Scope

Shoot Better Selfies

We all shoot selfies but the quality is often limited by the length of our arms. To get more than three people in the shot you better have long arms. Well managed to lay my hands on a pre-production sample of a gadget called PopScope that takes those physical limitations out of the equation when […]

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iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Review– Pretty Much Perfect

Like many iPhone users I had been lusting for a bigger phone..but not too much bigger. The current crop of 5”+ flagship smartphones don’t appeal to me at all…the big screen is nice but the phones are just too big for my hands. Experience has shown me that a 4.7” smartphone is the sweet spot […]

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Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.49.10 PM

Infographic: 8 Ways to Automate Your Home

It can seem difficult to keep track of all the new apps and technologies that make your life easier. Fortunately, there are a variety of technologies and apps available for your home that can help you manage it remotely. While having an app that gives real time updates of the level of toilet paper currently on […]

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Easily Bought iPhone 6 Today

When I arrived at Fairview Pointe-Claire around 11 this morning I expected there be no iPhone 6 phones available for sale. After all quite a few camped out in freezing temperatures to be first in line. My first stop was the Apple Store. No iPhone 6 Plus available but there was a lineup to buy […]

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iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 preorders break records

Apple reports sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sold in record numbers in the first 24 hours  after the launch last Friday. According to Apple a whopping 4 million units were pre-sold in the 24 hours after the launch breaking all previous sales records. Two years ago, Apple reported iPhone 5 preorders during […]

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Robert Danard

4 Emerging Concepts & Trends in Social Media Marketing

When Beyoncé released her self-titled album late last year, she didn’t go through any of the traditional promotional means, which she called boring. Instead, she simply posted a video featuring the new album cover and pictures of her with the caption “Surprise!” on Instagram. That was enough for Beyoncé, one of the best-selling music artists […]

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