A new search helper

How often have you searched unsuccessfully for something when you know you have seen it recently, perhaps on Twitter or Facebook, maybe you even bookmarked a link to the information. Wajam to the rescue. It is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet explorer that adds your social networks and bookmarks to Google, Bing and Yahoo searches.

The best is that you don’t have to change the way you do things. You can continue to search using your preferred search engine but Wajam adds a layer of results from your Social Network connections. It’s like asking all your contacts to help you search automatically..and it works.

It’s a great way to look for something on Twitter or Facebook which can be a daunting exercise if you need to go back more than a few hours.┬áBut, in this day of Instant Results on Google you have to be a bit patient, it takes about 5 seconds to complete the Social Network search.

Wajam works in Mac and Windows and all mainstream browsers and I think it is a cool addition to Google, Bing or Yahoo searches. Why don’t you give it a try..click here for an invitation..I think you will really like Wajam. Even better, it is a Montreal based startup funded by startup lab and accelerator Bolida. As well, Wajam is one for the 5 startups selected to present at Montreal Startup Camp 7.

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