Want a land line experience without the land line? Well, look nor further than Rogers Wireless Home Phone which is a small box that is a cell phone that delivers a dial tone to a standard telephone handset.


It couldn’t be simpler to set up. Insert the provided SIM card and backup battery, plug it into the wall and you are ready to go all you need now is a conventional handset (wired or wireless) to plug into one of the two phone jacks at the back of the device. It works exactly like your old land line. Listen for a dial tone and make your call from anywhere the Rogers cellular network is available.

wireless-modemI tested the Rogers Wireless Home Phone with a standard wired handset as well as a wireless base station. Both worked without any difficulty and the sound quality was excellent. I also tried it out as a landline replacement in my home by connecting it to the internal wiring with 2 wireless base stations and three wired handsets connected to five jacks throughout the home. It worked great and even on battery power it was able to ring all 5 phones. I was impressed. I found the backup battery provided slightly more than two days of standby time which was considerably better that the advertised 36 hours. You should get up to 3.5 hours of talk time from the battery.

The price is right too. You can buy the device for $30 at any Rogers or Fido store and the monthly rate is also pretty impressive. $10/mo if you have an current Rogers or Fido post paid account or $25 without an existing plan. For this price you get Unlimited Canadawide calling with enhanced voice mail and call display. Call waiting, forwarding and conference calling is an extra $2 per month.

The Rogers Wireless Home Phone is perfect for the student heading out of town for school..imagine the savings on long distance calls alone…I can see it in a cottage or even to replace an existing landline service…the price can’t be beat if you are an existing Rogers/Fido user and if not  is still competitive with other low cost solutions especially when you consider the reliability and quality of the Rogers wireless network and it doesn’t require you to have internet service. Oh yes, there is no contract required for this service either.