TechTatsThe simplest explanation is that TechTats are Tats for your tech gadgets but, they are more than that. A Tech Tat is a screen cleaner that is always close at hand.


REC-STU-4_largeTech Tats are the brain child of a bunch of guys who own a warehouse in the Montreal suburb of Baie d’Urfe. A couple of years ago they ordered a similar product as a promotional item for their warehouse business and decided they could do it better. So they set out to design and source Tech Tats. The first models were made in the Orient, but they found they could get much better quality from a US manufacturer. In this video, President Justin Ouellette talks about Tech Tats.


P1050106A variety of Tech Tats are available including characters from Family Guy. Additional licensing deals are in the works for this cool screen cleaner.  Currently TechTats can be ordered at the Tech Tats web site but, additional distribution channels are being finalized. I have Tech Tats stuck to the back of all my devices now and love them so why don’t you give them a try, prices range from $1.49 to $5.99.