Waterfield Zip Brief

The Perfect MacBook Bag

Once I opened up my new MacBook I knew that a notebook this elegant needed an equally elegant and lightweight bag to protect it on the road. For that I turned to my friends at Waterfield Designs and I wasn’t disappointed. My choice was the new Zip Brief MacBook Case the folks at Waterfield designed […]

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HTC One M9

HTC One M9 Review

HTC’s newest flagship is a finely crafted smartphone with the feel of fine jewellery..like its predecessor the M8 it’s stylish design is different enough to stand out is a crowd of very similar blocks of plastic or metal and glass. No question the HTC One M9 is one handsome phone and while reminiscent of the […]

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One Powerful Router from D-Link

When the D-Link DIR-890L AC 3200 router arrived at my door I was shocked…the box is huge. I’ve seen computers in smaller boxes. Inside the box was a slab of black plastic that looks like a stealth fighter with a pair of large antennae sprouting out of three sides. Before getting into the specifics about […]

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